St Clements Estates

St Clements of Red Hill is relatively new vineyard located in one of the world's best wine producing areas, the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia.

Click HERE to see a map of our estate's prime location.

The first wine from the estate to be bottled was a Semillon, which  was bottled in May 2005, followed by a  Merlot and Shiraz which were rested in new American Oak barrels and finally bottled in early 2006

The popularity and range of St Clements Estate wines has grown considerably over the past few years and we now produce Merlot, Rosé, Semillon, Shiraz and Verdelho.

All the wines bearing the St Clements' label are made from grapes grown on the estate and handpicked.

All of our fine wines are now available for purchase on-line on our secure Cellar Door Sales link.

Bacchus we thank who gave us wine
Which warms the blood within our veins;
That nectar is itself divine.
The man who drinks not, yet attains
by godly grace to human rank
would be an angel if he drank."

By Pierre Motin
From a French drinking song